MODEL Application Form

MODEL Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Model for Hot Desert Knights.

We are always happy to accept applications from HOT MODELS for consideration for one of our films with an independent film company. If you think you have what it takes, are serious about appearing in a Film and agree to the testing requirements below, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. The first step in the process is to read and agree to the information below and then to complete the Model Application.

Before you continue it is important for you to know that Hot Desert Knights is a well known and well respected studio. We believe that every informed, consenting adult has the right to choose for themselves the type of sex in which they wish to participate, however, we are a strong believer in serosorting and models providing test results. This is an important factor for you to consider before completing and submitting the application below.

If you are chosen to be in a production, prior to filming we do request that you be tested and provide test results. If you are unwilling to submit to or provide testing results please do not continue beyond this point.

Your test results are confidential and it will be necessary for you to share the results with whomever you will be in a scene with and for that other person to share their results with you so that both of you are aware of each others health status.

The reason we ask that you provide test results is to create as safe an environment as possible for all models considering the nature of the type of films. We believe in Serosorting. That is, we believe in only pairing up HIV+ guys only with other HIV+ guys and HIV- guys only with other HIV- guys. We do NOT believe in "bug-chasing" or "gift-giving".

Test results are not the final determining factor whether or not you are chosen to be in a film production but it will dictate how the filming is conducted and with whom you film.

Please complete ALL of the information on the Model Application. Becoming a model is a competitive process so the more you can tell us about yourself the better chance you will have in being selected. Due to the huge amounts of applications we receive it is not possible for us to respond to an incomplete application.

Photos MUST be recent, at least within the past 30 days. If you attach huge photos, the form submission will reject them. Photos should be in jpeg (.jpg) format and no larger than 7.5 inches by 5 inches or 400 pixels by 500 pixels and no larger than 600K. Please submit the 4 photos that are listed below and make them as good a quality as you can. We are unable to respond to your application if photos are not attached, if they are too small to be seen or are of such poor quality we really can't see you clearly.

PLEASE NOTE: That if you are chosen to appear in a film production, a representative from an independently approved production company will contact you. At that time, all aspects relating to that production you are being contact for, will be discussed with you, so you can make an informed choice if you wish to proceed and be in that particular production.

Thanks and we are looking forward to receiving your application.