December 2014

Sperm Addicts Episode 1

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If your a serious cum addict and you like hot, steamy man juice being pumped up your ass or down your throat or shot all over you, then this is a series you will want to add to your collection. If you like group orgies and gangbangs and the fantasy of having one guy after the next fuck you and feed you his load and breed you with his hot, milky manjuice, then look no further than SPERM ADDICTS. If you like giving it or taking it raw in the dungeon or dark rooms and enjoy load after load from the hottest hardest throbbing pieces of man meat, then SPERM ADDICTS will have you poppin' your load for hours. SPERM ADDICTS features over 60+ cum shots, and nothing but hot raw mansex and non-stop cum oozin' out of hard cocks and hungry whore holes. Whether you call it, cum, spunk, man juice, spooge, jizz or jism, Hot Desert Knights has put it all together, JUST FOR ALL YOU CUM LOVERS, a collection of backroom CUM SHOTS you won't want to miss. Pace yourself and follow along as you watch one hot EXPLODING and SPLATTERING CUM SHOT one after the other! STARRING: Jayson Park, Adam Erickson, Chad Adams, Dean Williams, Will West, David Ford, Jhonathan Gabriel, Billy Twee, Kylthrpig, Ray Butler, Earl Shaft, Edward Edge, Dutchpig, Ivan Fox, Bareback Jack, Bill Marlowe, Walter Faust, Andy Getts, Patrick Ives, Dick Moore, Alan Gregory, Hans Kent, Tim Rains, FiestyCub, Mudpig, Derek Michaels, Noah Mann, Mitch Banning, Ed Diamond, Ray Dalton, Ray Adams, Chico Cabron, Aaron Bunns, Dustin Roller, Earl Howard, Fist Rick, Tony Ryder, Travis Turner, Steve Wiley. Get Your Membership & Instant Access Here!
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Gay Bareback
December 2014

David Lambert and Christian Matthews

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Already receiving one cock and load earlier in the day, Christian Matthews was on the hunt for another. So he got online and found the nice fat uncut juicy cock of David Lambert. Starting out in the shower these two sluts got right into some intense cock sucking action with serious deep throats and gagging before they moved it to the bed and Christian had to give up his ass to that raw cock. David couldn’t wait to punish that ass and really make it a loose hole!
December 2014

Rocco Steele Interviewed about Bareback Perpetrators

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Loading...Loading... has the top raw daddy cock, 10 inches long and thick enough to leave you gaping, as we bring you the exclusive download of Hot Desert Knights newest release, Bareback Perpetrators. This week we've got a great interview with the Bareback Perpetrator himself, Rocco Steele. In this interview, we asked him the 'ins and outs' of being one of world's top bareback porn stars. And we found out answers to questions no one has ever asked before! Without further ado, we present to you: Rocco Steele!

Q. HeyRocco, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! The first thing we'd like to ask you about is how was your first experience working with HotDesertKnights?

A. I really enjoyed this video a lot. It was a departure from anything I have done to date...and my first leather scene. The location was a sex club and so it added to the appeal and definitely got me into the mood.

Q. What was it like performing in your scene with Brock Rustin? We have heard that he can be quite shy, is that really the case or does he 'open up' once you get him behind the camera?

A. Ha! Brock is NOT shy. But he is a sweetheart and a dear friend of mine off-camera. We have been friends for many years and he is actually like a little brother to me. He has an ass on him and I never get tired of sticking my dick in it.

Q. What inspired you to get into gay porn? Do you have any advice for others who may be thinking about getting into the industry?

A. For me it was a there wasn't really any moment of inspiration. I literally had been asked several times over the years and the answer was always a defiant 'no" but on this particular day when I decided to do my first scene, the planets were aligned and the moment seemed right.

The advice I would give is make sure you have three things: good pics, persistence and thick skin. You need good pics to apply to all the studios, pics that are representative of what you look like today. second, you need to be persistent with all the studios, and if you haven't heard back - keep following up with updated pics. and finally, you need thick skin because this is not an easy industry to be in.

Q. Was performing in bareback porn ever an issue for you?

A. It was and has always been an issue for me. I know there are mixed views on it - and even I have mixed views. I am not a 100% bareback actor and I know people want me to be...but I don’t feel comfortable with that. Starting out, I wanted to be a condom actor but those jobs were not offered to me right away. Now they are. I enjoy representing both bareback and condom porn because as I've said in earlierinterviews, it reflects my personal life.

Q. Your newest film for HotDesertKnights, 'Bareback Perpetrators,' features BIG COCKS galore! I know that you have a lot of fans that love your cock, but how much does other guy's size matter to you in your personal sex life? And how do you find most people react after you pull out your monster?

A. I’m an ass it NEVER matters to me how big a guys cock is. Sometimes I never look at it LOL. I go straight for the hole. I know...I'm a pig.

If guys aren't expecting it, they are pretty shocked and I love watching their reaction. Nowadays most guys know what I'm packing but they still are amazed when I pull it out.

Q. Do you have a favorite porn star that you have looked up to in your career?

A. Not really to be perfectly honest. I have friends in the industry and I admire the ones that can stay level-headed and grounded as they navigate through this. I find ego and narcissism to be unattractive.

Q. In addition to having sex on film, what do you like to do for fun?

A. I’m pretty chill at this point in my life and I enjoy the simple dog, my friends, gym, movies, books etc. I don’t go out anymore. I'm in bed by 11 most nights, even on weekends.

Q. Enquiring minds want to know, is there currently a 'special someone' in your life? If so, what does he think about you filming porn?

A. There is currently no special someone.

Q. What is your favorite position to fuck a bottom in and why?

A. I love to fuck a guy on his back. U can get deeper that way and I can look into his eyes while I'm fucking him. That connection is important to me.

Q. Have you or would you ever consider bottoming yourself on camera?


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December 2014

Nick Tiano and Owen Powers

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Nick Tiano did not know who was sucking his fat cock thru the closet gloryhole but he didn’t care because whomever this cock sucker was he was damn good. He knew he had to be an experienced slut and when the cock sucker, Owen Powers comes out of the closet he was not surprised. He put Own on the table and spread his legs, shoving his face deep in that furry butt and getting it all wet. Then Nick climbed up on the table and starting ramming his thick headed cock into that slut hole. He definitely marked his territory and sent Owen on his way for more cocks!

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