Frequently Asked Questions


What are your office hours if I want to talk to a live person?
Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday thru Thursday and 9:00 AM to Noon on Fridays. Someone is always here during those hours.

Can I order products over the phone?
Yes. just contact us and we will then provide you with the address and you can send us a check or money order. Please note that all shipping is based on weight and distance and we offer USPS or Fedex as our normal shipping options.

Do you accept personal checks?
Yes but keep in mind that it is necessary for us to hold your order until the check clears your bank. In most cases that will delay shipment 10 to 14 days.  It’s always better to send a money order in which case shipping occurs immediately.

When I place an order online, how long after placing it before I am charged?
Instantly. As soon as you click “Submit”, your payment information and name and address information is transmitted immediately to our online payment processing company. It approves or declines the sale immediately. You will receive a confirmation via an email that your order has been transmitted to us. At the same time you receive your confirmation email, we receive the order on our computers. Please keep this in mind…..only click the SUBMIT button ONE TIME. If you click it more than once you might be charged for each time you click it.

What about International Shipping and possible Customs problems.
We ship all over the world everyday with very few problems from Customs officials.  The exception to is Germany and Japan.  In Germany our DVD’s are available at most adult stores.   We cannot guarantee that in some countries the Customs officials might not seize your order, but it happens very seldom.    But, please understand that we are not responsible for Customs seizures and you remain responsible for payment in the event of a seizure.  All packages, domestic and international are shipped very discreetly. See the Shipping Info page for more details.

What format are DOWNLOADS in and how are they delivered?
Downloads are all in MP4 format and will play on BOTH PC & MAC devices such as: Tablets, Androids, Iphones, Ipads, Windows or iOS systems.
Downloads are send after completion of purchase, by means of a confirmation email with links to Login to your account so you can download the movie/files you have purchased.

If a DOWNLOAD fails for any reason can I re-download it again?
YES, each Download file can be re-downloaded up to 5 times, so if for whatever reason you need to re-download the file again it can be done as many as 5 times. This is so you can download the file on to other devices you may have. If you need to download the file more than 5 times, then please contact customer support.

Is it illegal to copy or share any “DVD’s or DOWNLOADS” ???
DVD’s and Downloadable movies on this website are sold for the sole purpose of personal private use. All movies on this website are copyrighted with the U.S. copyright office at www.Copyright.gov
(It is illegal to copy, reproduce, or share copyrighted movies. The United States copyright law protects “original works” such as movies. Anyone found guilty of copyright infringement, can face legal fees and damages of $100,000 or above per copyright infringement.)

What is your Guarantee and Return Policy??
We guarantee all of our products against defects in materials or workmanship. The only exception to this of course are items of a personal nature such as intimate apparel, dildos, etc. If you receive a defective item please contact us immediately by email on our contact page and a Customer Service Representative will issue to you a Return Authorization number (RA#) and provide instructions for returning the merchandise at no cost to you.

Our Customer Service Representatives are available Monday thru Thursday, 8:00 AM to 4 PM, Pacific Standard Time and Noon on Friday. If the defective item is a DVD we will gladly replace the it with the same title, but cannot replace it with a different title. Please understand that we cannot accept returns of DVD’s simply because you did not like it. We will ship to you at no cost a replacement item and arrange for the defective item to be returned.

All returns of defective merchandise must be made within 15 days of purchase, and all returns must be accompanied by the Return Authorization Number.

Is it safe to send my payment information over the internet?
Absolutely! Our website uses the latest state of the art technology using safe and secure 256-bit SSL encrytion for safe online processor at all times. Your order is transmitted electronically through our secure SSL server. Once processed which is usually within a minute or two, you will receive your email confirmation of the order. Any payment notifications are stripped of payment information for security reasons. When we receive your order, your payment information has been completely removed for your security.  No one at Hot Desert Knights ever sees that information.

Are you going to sell my name or telephone to marketing companies?
Absolutely NOT. We NEVER release any information about our customers to any person or any company. Your identity is totally protected by us. Additionally, we do not do any telemarketing or mailing through the post office with our customer list. Therefore, you are not going to get bombarded with phone calls or mailings. We respect your privacy and confidentiality. We do a weekly e-mail newsletter to announce our specials and new titles.

What is your product guarantee?
We guarantee all of our products unconditionally against defects and will replace them free of charge. Defective products must be returned to us within 15 days of purchase. If you receive a defective DVD we will replace it for the same title. If you receive a defective product, call us immediately and we will arrange to have it replaced at no cost to you. On certain personal items such as dildos, once used, they cannot be returned.

Having an ISSUE with Purchasing?
If you are having an issue with being able to place an order please follow these helpful tips:
1) Firstly ensure that you have created and registered an account.
2) Ensure that you have added a “Billing Address” to your account. If not click “Account” and then click “Edit Address” and enter a billing address and click “Save”.
3) When you are ready to place an order, Login to your account, add the items you wish to order to your “Cart” and then when you are ready to place your order, simply click on “SHOW CART” in the top right of your screen and click “SHOW CART” in the pop-up summary cart box that appears and this will then take you to the check-out process to order. It’s that simple. We look forward to receiving your order.